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Thoughts: Dangerous and Insane Lyrics

I can’t help myself.  I love a catchy pop dance tune, even if it’s the same tunes the teenagers are listening to.  A good dance tune helps me achieve a state of bliss, even under the worst case of duress.  As I once said to fellow Toastmaster at a district conference, “You just can’t feel […]

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Speech: Things I Have Learned

Here’s the text of another speech I gave at Toastmasters: Several years ago, a coworker introduced me to a newspaper called Investors Business Daily, or IBD. The publisher of IBD has a set of 20 rules for investing success. These are rules based on lessons he has learned over many years of investing. Not only […]

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The Table

  I wrote the following for our Toastmasters club’s ill-fated newsletter when I was president: Nowadays social media is everywhere.  Social media has gone from a buzzword to a ubiquitous personal tool.  You can join MySpace, or Facebook for friend and family online social contacts.  Professionals can join Linked In, and research scientists can even […]

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