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Speech: Buttons

Toastmasters projects limit most speeches to 5-7 minutes. This limit provides an opportunity to practice oratory under a time constraint, and gives more opportunities for speeches at any given meeting.  The major disadvantage is that it fails to provide enough time to explore a topic in depth.  This is my most recent speech of February 2012, and […]

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Thoughts: Dangerous and Insane Lyrics

I can’t help myself.  I love a catchy pop dance tune, even if it’s the same tunes the teenagers are listening to.  A good dance tune helps me achieve a state of bliss, even under the worst case of duress.  As I once said to fellow Toastmaster at a district conference, “You just can’t feel […]

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Speech Video: Not Self

Here’s a speech I did as a test speaker for an evaluation contest back in the fall of 2010. I discuss Steve Andreas’ concept of Not Self, in which a person defines his or her self concept in terms of things he or she is not, and how it applied to me. I later took […]

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Speech: Things I Have Learned

Here’s the text of another speech I gave at Toastmasters: Several years ago, a coworker introduced me to a newspaper called Investors Business Daily, or IBD. The publisher of IBD has a set of 20 rules for investing success. These are rules based on lessons he has learned over many years of investing. Not only […]

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The Table

  I wrote the following for our Toastmasters club’s ill-fated newsletter when I was president: Nowadays social media is everywhere.  Social media has gone from a buzzword to a ubiquitous personal tool.  You can join MySpace, or Facebook for friend and family online social contacts.  Professionals can join Linked In, and research scientists can even […]

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Welcome to Rhetoric by Eric, or just “rheteric”.  This blog serves to share my thoughts on public speaking, oratory, personal improvement and leadership in the tradition of Toastmasters International, of which I am a member.  My thoughts are my own, and not the viewpoint of the Toastmasters Organization.

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