6 Things Modern Men Need to Know About Rape Culture

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If you are a man, you’ve probably heard about “rape culture”.  I know that sounds terrible, even terrifying in fact, but don’t worry.  Well, maybe worry a little.  Feminists have assembled a jumbled set of attitudes and behaviors and labeled them “rape culture” in order to justify their attacks on men, as well as to protect their own psyches, as we shall see later.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Hey, I’m not a rapist! Why would anybody associated me with rape culture?”  The answer is easy; feminists and misandrists associate every man with rape culture.   Rape culture is a gender stereotype, a racial prejudice against the race of men, sexual discrimination of the worst kind because it is both ignored for what it is, and encouraged by a few women and self-hating males alike.  Here’s what the modern man needs to know about rape culture.

Point 1) Rape culture is a myth sustained entirely by the propaganda of women, and their cooperative self-misandristic males.

Of course, you are not part of rape culture, because rape culture doesn’t exist anymore than stereotypes against any race.   Let’s get this straight; there is no culture oriented around rape. Don’t get me wrong.  Rape does happen. Men rape women, to a lesser degree, women will rape and abuse men, and men will rape other men. It’s horrible, like any crime of violence. Therein lies the key. Rape is aberrant behavior, hateful behavior. Rape is not a sexual crime, but a hate crime committed through sexual act. It is not the basis for any type of culture.
Lest you think I am being insensitive to women, I’m not.  I am writing this article for men, not women, therefore I take the man’s point of view.  I would be terrified at the thought of being raped also. 
There is no rape culture any more than there is mugging culture, knifing culture, or murder culture.  At least not since the fall of the Third Reich.

So why does a minority of women continue to support the idea of rape culture?  The answer is actually fairly easy with a little psychology, and a background in horror films.

When I say things like “rape culture is a myth” I mean it the same way you might say, “Freddy Krueger isn’t real.” The idea of Freddy Krueger is real, Freddy Krueger absolutely has the power to scare you, and if you suspend your disbelief it’s almost plausible to blame all of the unsolved knife-crime in the world on Freddy Krueger. Additionally, it is totally possible for a random guy to dress up like Freddy Krueger and start murdering teens over neighborhoods and camp grounds. (Oops, that’s Jason Voorhees.) But that doesn’t meant that Freddy Krueger or Jason (the dudes) are literally real. Freddy is never going to creep into your dreams at night and murder you. He has the power to frighten, and there are isolated forces in the world that resemble him, but he is ultimately a manufactured menace.  (credit to Lindsey West at jezebel.com for this analogy.)

Point 2) Rape culture has the power to frighten. There are forces that resemble rape culture, but ultimately rape culture itself is a manufactured concept.

Rape culture is manufactured to explain all the random evil rape crimes, because if we identify a single source of those bad things, we feel we have some possible recourse, if only we could catch “Freddy”, the organizer of the rapes. It’s less comfortable to deal with truly random evil rape crimes, because we have no recourse against randomness. If women could destroy rape culture, they would feel safer. They can’t because they invented rape culture! This is the paradox of Freddy Krueger; you can’t destroy a manufactured menace, especially one you created out of need to feel a semblance of control, or a bit of hope!

What does a real man (an integrated male, as Dr. Robert Glover calls him) do about rape culture? The answer is surprisingly simple:

Point 3) Don’t hate women.

That’s right. It’s that straightforward. (That doesn’t mean it’s easy.  If you find yourself feeling hatred against women after psychological abuse, and destruction of your self-esteem, please get some help.)   Of course, even not hating women doesn’t mean that you won’t be falsely accused of being a rapist or even (gasp!) “one of those men”. The chances of this are extremely low.  If you are afraid of this, you might as well buy a PowerBall ticket. There’s no need to be afraid of women. And if you are adept at selecting good women, the chances of finding “crazy” false rape accusers are extremely small. And you know what they say about crazy…

Don’t go to the other extreme and be the Nice Guy or the White Knight, which leads to the next point.

Point 4) You don’t need to protect women from yourself and proclaim your non-rapist status. 

If anything, this should be insulting to the women. It implies that they are incapable of figuring you out for themselves, and more so that they are incapable of protecting themselves by wielding the pepper spray they keep in their purse. It insults their intelligence, and places them in a inferior role of the protectee, under the protection of the superior White Knight, their savior. Any feminist should be insulted, and then kick you in the balls (if you had any.)

Why would any man want to justify rape culture and denigrate his own gender?

Point 5) Writing sensationalistic articles on subjects like a supposed rape culture attracts clicks on the internet, and more clicks mean more money. 

On the other hand, he might consider himself a White Knight and protector of women. Neither is very flattering.

Even in sensationalistic articles, as linked in the first paragraph, you can sometimes find some sage advice. Watch your body language. Don’t act like a rapist. And there’s no need to tolerate that behavior in other men.

Point 6) Never accept guilt by association, never accept the anti-male stereotypes, and never apologize for being a man.

There’s nothing wrong with being a man.  Relish your masculinity, use it responsibly and demand the same from other men.